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Mike On Money


If you lose your health. You’ve lost your greatest asset.


Yes, it is 100% true. If you lose your health, all the money in the world won’t mean much. In fact, those with really bad health and all the money in the world would probably trade if they knew in fact their good health could be restored.

It wasn’t more than a few weeks ago, the abuse of my body (not eating right, not exercising at all, being overweight 50 pounds, etc.) had taken it’s toll. In a few weeks from now I will turn the big 65, G_d willing. And that is a milestone in itself.

Yet, on April 13th, 2019 I stood up from my desk after working through weekends in tax season the past two weeks and for a few minutes…. I could not walk. My right leg was swelled up badly which has been a problem for the past couple years. But it was more this time. I was more or less paralyzed until some blood could evidently run down and motivate my legs to start moving.

That is what I call “hitting the wall”. Or maybe, falling off the wall like Humpty Dumpty. Thank goodness my real estate office partner was there to suggest I try a company product I saw her wearing for more than a year in my real estate office in Tempe. (Realty One Group Tempe)

She had been wearing Lifewave patches that she swore by for helping her maintain good health. I in turn, had been getting bigger, eating badly during tax season especially when stress is maxed out, and of course had not gone for a walk with my wife and son at night for quite a few years. (The last attempt failed after 3 blocks and I had to rest and slowly baby step back home)

Long story short, she put two X-39 stem cell therapy patches on me that Saturday in April. And in my 2/12 weeks since then, I have experienced the best health in probably 10 years or longer! I could talk about all the benefits I have received this short period of time and how I feel my bad health condition turned almost miraculously good. Just click a link above to learn more about how young stem cells can reverse some health conditions you may have.

Since going on the therapy, meaning I wear 1 or 2 X-39 patches each day (and yes I did sign up as a distributor so I can buy at wholesale prices), my physical condition has improved greatly. The right leg swells less and most of the time, is no bigger than the left. I walk quick and fast when i get out of a chair unless I have been it it for a long time. (I am almost 65 you know) And I just feel great with scary energy, a gift I had prayed for the past 20 years.

So, what does Lifewave and Stem cell therapy have to do with my company trust portfolio services and products? Everything! My mental acuity is sharp all day, naps are no longer needed during the day. And my work quality was always deemed to be very good with less mistakes than the norm of financial service providers. But now, you get my 43+ years of financial services + a sharper mind for a 65 year old practitioner. Can that be real? Well all I know is that clients and friends have been saying I look better, I look healthier, I seem different (I used to be pretty fun loving with clients trying to humor them and THAT has come back again.), my hair is turning darker (I haven’t done anything to it) and lastly, I seem to be in a better mood. (Oh my that meant I had become grumpy…)

But nothing speaks louder than a picture.

M.D. Anderson, President / Financial Strategies, Inc.

AZCLDP, Accountant, Realtor