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Innovative Living Trust Portfolios for Arizona Families since 1992. 

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Professional trust portfolios on steroids

Not your ordinary blase set of legal documents - Order yours today while online.

Not your ordinary blase set of legal documents - Order yours today while online.

Remember the days of single legal documents, each stapled to a blue back page and folded so they can fit in a bank deposit box? Those days are over. Today, a modern living trust portfolio is bound in a nice large binder with separate sections to facilitate EVERY aspect of aggressive and lasting estate planning techniques and procedures.

We make no excuses in saying we constantly see the results of law firm prepared documents here in Arizona and find examples every month that fail to achieve the quality, the complexity, and most important - fail to even be legally correct in some cases. Compared to our documents. Your new or updated Legacy Trust Portfolio from FSI will be bound in a nice big binder for safe keeping. It will be printed on high quality linen paper and contain extras few would even think to include.

Some of those extras are personalized photo inserts (if you provide them), personalized trust stationary, special consideration provisions for large retirement money accounts you may own. And other custom provisions that are included in our Professional Living Trust Portfolio, including provisions for your pets, provisions for disabled minor or adult children, and so much more. All at one set price.

Laws change and people change so we do too, always growing and evolving, and we’re not just talking about changes in state statutes. Our vision is to provide a legal document product that exceeds the expectations of you, your family, your heirs and your eventual Successor Trustee/s. So much so, you will brag about it with your friends and neighbors which is how we get tons of clients each year. Word of mouth advertising!

Innovation in legal concepts so far in our journey of producing Arizona Living Trust Portfolios since 1992 are many. We used "convertible" A/B (and C's) trusts until the law recently changed. Now, we fully embrace the portability provisions allowing mono trusts for married couples under 20 million dollars of net trust estate values. But of course, keeping an eye on the fact that an eventual "sunset" is also in future law changes, so reserving the A/B or A/B/C split trust approach just in case it is needed again. Also, we assist clients with large IRA accounts (Mr. Anderson is nationally known for his inherited IRA rescue services). And also parents with special needs children (both minors and adults) requiring special treatment for care without letting the government or state agencies steal their inheritance. Not understanding special needs planning is like withdrawing hundred dollar bills and tossing them in the wind. Every day. (Knowledge is everything in this area of asset protection)

Most likely your current trust (if you already have one) does not properly deal with your travels out of state, and out of country. Our estate planning legal documents carefully include language to cover you no matter where you are in the world. And recently, we added space travel as well just in case the future takes us there. Or maybe your grandchildren some day.

Whatever it takes, whatever you need and whatever you want, FSI is the best source for getting the best estate plan trust documents in Arizona without a huge legal bill. Having settled over a 100 of our own trust portfolio client estates upon death and many attorney prepared plans (many requiring probate first), we provide a service you will like and hopefully, then tell your friends about as well

Estate and trust settlement

We are here for you when things go wrong.

We are here for you when things go wrong.

Most of our trust portfolio clients end up using their documents. And their relatives often hire us to assist in the simplified procedures to settle their trust estates fast and efficiently and at the lowest cost. We provide two laminated trust information cards with your new or updated trust portfolio and a toll free number for your relatives to call us. When you have questions or your heirs have questions when you are disabled and in harms way; or after your demise.

FSI is also well known here in Arizona for our professional tax practice and tax consulting/planning services for individuals and small business owners. Additionally, Mr. Anderson is a Realtor with Realty One Group and an expert in representing estate homes and properties for estate administrators (Personal Representatives) and Successor Trustees.

Together, with multiple financial licencing and tons of required continued education -- Mr. Anderson maintains his "edge" in financial knowledge and experience; though much of his education classes now days are nothing more than review of what he already knows.

Along with multi licensing, 30-40 hours of annual continued education classes and other interactions with local as well as nationally known financial experts -- Mr. Anderson is one of few Arizona advisers who is ready to settle any estate or trust estate in the state of Arizona "in house" without any other adviser. And at a reasonable professional fee that won't make him appear to  be a fifth wheel heir of that estate!

Respond now to chat about any question you may have, even if you are in probate or have already started the process of trust administration. Many families have added Mr. Anderson to assist on retirement money at death and his Inherited IRA services alone help save between 5 million and 25 million of inherited retirement money every year from needless instant taxation for clients nationwide.

extra-ordinary financial consulting

When you don't know which way to turn, stop. And call us.

When you don't know which way to turn, stop. And call us.

A typical client wanting a solid estate plan used to go to an attorney known or referred and most likely, would end up with a really nice Last Will & Testament, some power of attorney documents and and if lucky -- a Living Will. All individually wrapped up in a similar blue back cover that had been used for decades if not centuries!  (Bank Box ready)

So, the client signed the new documents and placed them in their bank box to collect dust until they died, rarely thinking to update them throughout their years of life. Even so, the majority (about 70%) today have either outdated Last Will's (as behind the times as a horse and buggy) or absolutely nothing at all for controlling and VALID estate legal documents. 

The internet, software, and technology are so aggressive today we barely remember having ever lived without them. They opened up the door to legal document consumers who shop "online" while professional offices as well as the malls and stores they used to go to and buy from - crumble and deteriorate with commercial "for sale or lease" signs on them. Many now for years.

And in the midst of this gigantic change in consumer trends, our online consulting service was born. For any financial matter you need an instant consultation on, consider a free 10 minute chat with Mr. Anderson. If you then hire him, he will either give you the answer you seek with documentation to back that answer up sent to you by email. Or find an associated legal consultant or practitioner to refer you to if his licensing does not allow him to answer the question. (at no fee of course)