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Relax! You wont  freak out  with our pricing and billings.

Relax! You wont freak out with our pricing and billings.

Many are not aware that a certified legal document preparer can prepare legal documents usually at a drastic lower cost than if you use a licensed Attorney here in Arizona. Financial Strategies, Inc. and President Michael D. Anderson are both licensed AZCLDP's (Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparer) and are licensed and supervised by a committee under the Arizona Supreme Court.  Though our services are confidential, they are not privileged as they would be using an Attorney. Nevertheless, for those not requiring legal advise (which only a licensed Arizona attorney can give), AZCLDP's fill the gap for those that otherwise would not be able to afford professional legal document drafting services.

Financial Strategies, Inc. offers a flat hourly billing rate of $195/hr in 2018 for consulting or separate legal document preparation or update services as well as estate and trust estate settlement services. It also offers packaged living trust portfolio priced packages to help you save money on complete new living trust portfolios as well as updates to any living trust portfolio regardless of who originally prepared it.

Our staff uses our own proprietary automated billing system called "Time Pilot" that provides extreme vision down to the second of all work performed and billed for each client case. No ten minute, fifteen minute or thirty minute rounding up time billings. (more common with law firms) All services include a free 10 minute consultation session first, in person or by phone or video conference (we provide a Dropbox cloud link for those wanting to share any current legal documents during their initial free consultation). This allows prospective clients to "sample" how we act and think working for you, while any current estate planning documents are examined and reviewed by Mr. Anderson. 

You are assured as a client of Financial Strategies, Inc. we will only bill for actual time spent and have full vision on all itemized tasks with our billing entries for all work performed and/or expenses incurred. This guarantees you can not be over-billed for unproductive time. Final bills may include miscellaneous costs (first approved by you) for copies, messengers, postage and sometimes, third-party research tools or associates required to finish tasks assigned to our firm. Retainers are normally required upfront for piecemeal work performed or for new or updated living trust portfolio document preparation. (New Trust Portfolios require 1/2 of the portfolio package cost to be paid to start and the remaining 1/2 is due upon delivery)

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Use the form below to tell us about your estate planning legal document or estate/trust estate settlement need or general inquiry, and we’ll call you back to schedule an appointment. Please be as detailed as possible. Include reference to any current documents that are controlling, if any, along with any specific new estate planning document requests. To help us best serve your inquiry, we recommend that you first describe the issue you’re having before telling us what you want to achieve. You may also email or call us to make an appointment. Our general response time is one hour or less during a business day.

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