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Pick up the phone and call us. No charge.

Pick up the phone and call us. No charge.

Founded and incorporated by Michael Anderson in 1990, Financial Strategies, Inc. has provided professional financial services in every major category to clientele in Arizona, as well as across the United States; and even a few clients around the world. Our firm specializes in two main focused services these days, having offered many more services in our long history of operations. They are professional tax services and legal document services. Whether you’re a single person or couple just starting out in your career; empty nesters, or fully retired and pushing towards the century mark age wise -- FSI exists to assist you in achieving the very best estate plan at any age. And, at a very reasonable cost.

Mr. Anderson has practiced for over four decades.  He has "been there" and "done that" in financial circles and interfaces with some of the most well known financial advisers and authors in the country.  Send him your inquiry at the bottom of this page with no cost to respond or obligation to you. A "free" chat with M.D. will help you determine if his company services are right for you.




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FSI's Areas of Practice

Legal document preparation

The world could not run properly without legal documents. Protecting property, people and the public at large. Most just ignore putting proper legal documents in place to protect their hard earned assets. They will work a lifetime to build an estate, then let it go into probate with countless law firm billings between $250 and $600 per hour. Sometimes the law firm becomes an additional beneficiary sort of speak by the time the process is done. And that means your beneficiaries will definitely receive less. A modern Living Trust Portfolio is the best way to plan your estate if it is over $100,000 in net equity here in Arizona. And keep illegitimate beneficiaries taking against your estate via big legal bills.

estate plan consulting

There never was an option in Arizona to have anyone but your attorney set up an estate plan for you before legal document  preparers were established as a lower cost alternative. CLDP's can now create legal estate planning documents and assist when you are disabled or upon your demise. FSI started in 1992 before licensing was required and of course, went ahead and licensed both corporately and individually (Michael Anderson is licensed as an individual CLDP), when it was required.

FSI invites you to chat about where you are now in your estate plan quest. And ask you a very important question - where do you want to be? In other words, what do you want to accomplish in your new or updated estate plan?

Today, you have a choice who to use. The difference in cost is about 1/3 in Living Trust Portfolio setup costs between FSI"s quality "Legacy" portfolio vs. well known lawyer prepared portfolios. Consulting to prepare an estate plan that includes a Living Trust Portfolio is the first step. And you can talk to us at no cost or obligation just by filling out the "'Let's chat" form below to get started.

Remember, you are never too young and never too old to start or update an estate plan. For those just starting out, we even offer short term (up to 12 months) financing at no interest cost. 

inherited ira consulting

Twenty years ago, this concept was born in America when "Decedent IRA's" were established as a proper name for the retirement account you receive as a beneficiary when the plan owner died. That original name soon became a "Beneficiary IRA" for naming purposes with some banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies. But the most common term used today is an "Inherited IRA" account. FSI was there in the beginning in 1998 with local radio show coverage about how to set up an inherited IRA account and today, is one of the leading firms in America rescuing 5 to 25 million dollars a year from needless instant taxation when the plan owner dies. (Rescued from greedy financial advisers wanting a new commission on your IRA account inheritance) Read more at Inherited IRA Hell.

estate & trust estate settlement

After 42 years of estate planning for clients, Michael Anderson can attest that he has seen the wheels come off of many estate plans gone astray. Wills that wilt. Trusts that rust. You get the idea -- you did your estate plan in 1988 and haven't looked at it since! Well, that is called being cheap. Or procrastination that robs your surviving heirs real money, sometimes literally because either the law changed, spouses changed or circumstances changed and you didn't update your original estate plan. Sometimes an outdated Will or Trust is WORSE than no estate plan at all. The state of Arizona has a default estate plan for every citizen when they die that makes logical sense even if it means your heirs may have to go through expensive probate before they get their share.

All of this is stated to remind you that you can eliminate high estate and trust estate settlement fees upon your demise by just keeping your estate plan up to date. The saying, "pay me now or pay me later" is significant in estate plans. Mr. Anderson settles BOTH kinds of estates here in Arizona. And the ones that are out of date normally pay the most in his firm's estate settlement fees. Key word - UPDATE! 

If you need estate or trust estate settlement services right now or have questions on any Arizona based estate, visit Arizona Estate Settlement.

tax consulting & preparation 

The internet is emptying out commercial brick and mortar buildings and shopping centers all over the world. Here in America and specifically here in Arizona, we have grown accustomed to driving by the crumbling buildings which eventually get knocked down and become parking lots or bare lots. Yes, you can blame Google or Amazon or many other online sellers for that. But who among you does not buy on the internet now?

Which brings up the online service FSI offers for folks wanting to just stay home and have someone else prepare their annual income tax forms and electronically file them. At a reasonable fee for professional tax preparation services. FSI is an authorized ERO firm with the Internal Revenue Service for electronic filing and can handle just about anything you have to report in your annual income tax confessions to the IRS and the State of Arizona. Find out more about our online tax preparation services at Wired Tax Preparer


Estate homes, investment properties as well as commercial property needs professional estate planning and special treatment during the settlement process. Our firm's founder, Michael Anderson, is also a professional Realtor at Realty One Group, one of Arizona's largest and most successful real estate brokerage firms.

He provides real estate consulting services to anyone in Arizona or having Arizona property/ies. Or anyone interested in Arizona properties no matter where you live. The best time to utilize his consulting services on real estate is "Before" you sign a contract either to buy or sell an Arizona property. Find out more at M. D. Anderson Real Estate.

Lastly, Mr. Anderson is better prepared than most unlicensed advisers (few attorney's have a real estate license and insurance license as Mr. Anderson has) when it comes to handling your estate real estate deeds. And when funding your new or updated Arizona Living Trust Portfolio with your current bank, brokerage and insurance products you now possess. Funding is not pushed on you to do yourself. We assist in all trust asset funding at no cost. 

You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.
— Abraham Lincoln


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