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Fat Cat Lawyers Love Easy Money Conservatorships!

Fat Cat Lawyers Love Easy Money Conservatorships!

Everyone in Arizona with any assets owned in fee simple needs a properly executed and signed Durable General Power of Attorney. Without it, your family members including even your spouse (if married) will discover the financial systems stop abruptly upon mental disability and can not start again until one of two things happens.

Either your prior selected "agent" on your DGPOA produces the instrument stating he or she is now in charge during this disability (or any other to follow which is the "durable" part) until you recover. Or die. (Which is why you need more than just a DGPOA) Or, you need to hire an attorney to file for a legal conservatorship for the disabled family member and account for every penny spent on anything and everything, and hire an attorney to report the finances once a year in front of a judge!

A $50 (fifty)dollar legal document to handle privately vs. costing thousands each year to handle your disability publicly and for the rest of your life if you don't recover mentally. You could have just parked your car after a bad driver cut right in front of you and then crossed two lanes more (that happened to me and my wife this week). And I know you would never think of not having valid and proper insurance limit coverage to protect you and your property. 

And yet do you have a recent, valid DGPOA executed and ready to restart your families financial life just in case you suddenly are exposed to a temporary or permanent mental ability challenge? I don't want to scare you. I merely want to challenge you. If you make sure you are covered for auto and homeowner insurance, why are you still uncovered in this area? The lawyers in Arizona love this segment of work, as it provides continuous and non-stop billings and easy money for their law firms. 

Those family members in this predicament (I know, I am involved in real cases), watch family estate assets dissipate all because the estate owner failed to spend a lousy fifty bucks to fix the problem. It's known in our industry as the "LIVING DEATH". Don't say I didn't tell you.

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