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Special Needs

Special Needs Children Need Special Needs Planning

Special Needs Children Need Special Needs Planning

An area very close to my heart is the need to plan for a disabled minor or adult child. Regardless of the type of disability (mental, physical, or both), this area of legal document practice has been relegated to a small amount of practitioners here in Arizona.  The best Special Needs Trusts can cost as much as $5,000 to create or more and frankly, many families needing them just can't afford to pay such a high price for a single legal document. (Generally known as a SNT) 

Our firm finally took the time in the summer of 2017 and drafted our own modern version of a special needs trust we prefer to attach to your portfolio (either trust or will) to be testamentary and go into effect upon your death. (or after your surviving spouse's death) And we immediately started serving Arizona clients with new SNT's included in their portfolios.

The FSI Legacy SNT is a professional, comprehensive and legally correct trust that allows providing assistance to your disabled child while preserving the capital inside the trust from government confiscation.

Additionally, modern funding techniques such as "crowd funding" cash contributions or beneficiary designations on life insurance and retirement plans are authorized,  described, and explained so your disabled child may have adequate funds to provide for them for the rest of their life no matter what.

Set an appointment to chat over the phone or face to face on this extremely important area of estate planning few are qualified to practice in. And compare our pricing with those high priced firms asking an arm and a leg for their version of a special needs trust. We will save you thousands!

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